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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter Severity P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Upstreaming Fix Version/s Development
Technical task LU-3966

LU-20 Submit quota lock improvement patches upstream

Niu Yawei (Inactive) Andreas Dilger Major Resolved Fixed    
Technical task LU-3406

LU-20 Submit raid5-mmp-unplug-dev patch upstream

Bruno Faccini (Inactive) Andreas Dilger Major Resolved Won't Fix    
Technical task LU-2564

LU-20 move dynlock from ldiskfs to osd-ldiskfs

WC Triage Andreas Dilger Minor Resolved Duplicate    
Technical task LU-2498

LU-20 set block device IO scheduler to "deadline"

Prakash Surya (Inactive) Andreas Dilger Minor Closed Fixed   Lustre 2.5.0
Technical task LU-684

LU-20 replace dev_rdonly kernel patch with dm-flakey

Oleg Drokin Alex Zhuravlev Critical Resolved Fixed   Lustre 2.11.0