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sanity-flr test_33: file content error: expected: ost1, actual: ost2


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    • Fix Version/s: Lustre 2.13.0, Lustre 2.12.3
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      This issue was created by maloo for Andreas Dilger <adilger@whamcloud.com>

      This issue relates to the following test suite run: https://testing.whamcloud.com/test_sets/dfadbab6-2668-11e9-a318-52540065bddc

      test_33 failed with the following error:

      'file content error: expected: ost1, actual: ost2'

      First test failure is on 2019-02-01 on patch 34160 that didn't land until 2019-05-24 (so could not have been the cause). The second test failure is on 2019-02-11 on patch 34186 that hasn't landed as of 2019-05-28, so it must have been a patch landed to master. Not to be confused with LU-10100, which is a PPC-specific failure that causes many sanity-flr and other test failures.

      There were a bunch of patches landed on 2019-01-30, but looking through the patch summaries doesn't show anything that is related. Since it fails only test_33 about 0.4% of all sanity-flr test runs (about 5x per month), it could have been a patch that landed any time in the previous week or two, but unlikely before that (unless some external environment change contributed to the failure). The test itself was added in 2017-09-15 so had been passing for a long time.

      My first guess is some kind of a test problem, so dumping "{{lfs getstripe $DIR/

      VVVVVVV DO NOT REMOVE LINES BELOW, Added by Maloo for auto-association VVVVVVV
      sanity-flr test_33 - 'file content error: expected: ost1, actual: ost2'


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