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LFSCK II: MDT-OST consistency check/repair


    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: Lustre 2.6.0
    • Fix Version/s: Lustre 2.6.0
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      In Lustre, for striped (non-zero striped) file, the layout information for each OST-object is recorded as extended attributes (XATTR_NAME_LOV) in its MDT-object on MDT. Such EA contains the OST index, OID or FID of the OST-object, and so on. On OST-side, each OST-object records the information (MDT-object FID) that indicates which file the OST object belongs to. Over the lifetime of an active filesystem, the layout information in MDT-object's EA may be inconsistent with the information on OST. There are several inconsistent cases as following:

      1. OST-object1 is marked as part of file1 on MDT, but OST-object1 is unassigned or uninitialized on OST.
      2. OST-object1 is marked as part of file1 on OST, but there is no record for OST-object1 on MDT.
      3. OST-object1 is marked as part of file1 on OST, but MDT records that it belongs to file2.
      4. OST-object1 is marked as part of file1 on OST, but both file1 and file2 on MDT claim that it owns OST-object1.

      These inconsistent cases will misguide client/MDS when access related OST-objects, waste space, lose data, even destroy all the system. In LFSCK phase II, we will implement an online tool to check and repair the file layout inconsistency. Such tool will use the inode iterator implemented in LFSCK phase I to scan the whole system, and can be driven together with other LFSCK components.

      On the other hand, the owner information, UID and GID of OST-objects will also be verified to match that of the MDT-object, the inconsistent ones will be fixed, to ensure correct quota allocation.


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