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sanity test_407 added to ALWAYS_EXCEPT list


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      The patch https://review.whamcloud.com/21398 "LU-8411 ofd: handle last_rcvd file can't update properly" was landed to master and added sanity test_407 to the ALWAYS_EXCEPT list under LU-8411, without really much explanation of why that failure was not the fault of the patch being landed.

      This patch causes sanity test 407 to fail or has brought out an existing bug in Lustre. sanity test 407 is added to the ALWAYS_EXCEPT list.

      Also, LU-8411 was closed and does not have the always_except label on it, so there was no issue tracking the fact that test_407 is being skipped and needs to be fixed. We typically do not allow patches to land that are causing test regressions, so it isn't clear to me why that patch was approved for landing while test_407 was skipped rather than waiting to land it until test_407 was also fixed.

      The only information I could find about this was one comment on the patch review when the patch was marked -1:

      John L. Hammond 2017-01-09

      Patch Set 11: Code-Review-1

      lustre/osd-ldiskfs/osd_handler.c Line 1836:

      Propagating the error from dt_txn_hook_stop() is causing the sanity test_407() failure.

      It seems to me that this should have meant test_407 should be fixed rather than to be skipped, but that hasn't happened on the 2.5 years since that patch was landed. Please submit a patch to remove test_407 from ALWAYS_EXCEPT and fix the resulting error:

       == sanity test complete, duration 6743 sec =========== 01:13:50 (1480986830)
       rm: cannot remove '/mnt/lustre/d407.sanity.1': Directory not empty
        sanity : @@@@@@ FAIL: remove sub-test dirs failed


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