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      During flush under WBC, a client could send a batch of metadata updates to MDT to improve the metadata performance a lot.


      For batch metadata updates, the following points need to consider:

      • If batch metadata updates need to return with locks (in case of WBC EX lock revocation), it needs to grant a batch of locks to the client and the client needs to cache the returned batch of locks on its DLM lock namespace. 
      • Transaction:
      • Recovery: VBR
      • Dependency:
        • The client must ensure the dependencies in batching metadata updates must be ordered.
        • Each metadata update action in batching metadata update request should be executed one by one in a single thread on MDT;
        • If want to improve the performance of batching metadata update request by executing metadata updates in parallel in multiple threads, the MDT must carefully handle the dependencies.
        • When DNE involves, the client also needs to consider the dependencies among MDTs when do a batching metadata updates which is same as boosting batching metadata updates using multiple threads..




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