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RHEL 9.0 support



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      Announcing the GA release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0:

      With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, you can:

      Innovate - ships with GCC 11 (GNU Compiler Collection) and the latest versions of LLVM, Rust, and Go compilers, empowering developers to modernize their applications continually. Python 3.9 is included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, bringing a faster release schedule, performance boosts, dictionary union operators, and more consistent and stable internal APIs.

      Optimize - provides new Image Builder capabilities, including support for bare-metal deployments and customized file system settings to help organizations save time and ensure consistency when deploying and managing systems at scale. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 now offers Image Builder service to allow organizations to build a standardized and optimized operating system image through our hosted service and deploy it to your cloud provider of choice.

      Protect - provides enhanced user authentication logs (via SSSD), web console support for smart card authentication with Sudo and SSH (Secure Shell client), disabled root login via SSH by default, and improved SELinux performance. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 also offers integrated OpenSSL 3 cryptographic framework, enhanced OpenSCAP profile, and integrity measurement architecture (IMA) digital hashes and signatures - to assist how organizations manage security and remain compliant when deploying new systems or managing existing infrastructures.

      Trust - offers enhanced web console performance metrics, including Kernel live patching management through the web console, new System Roles for Postfix, Firewall, HA Cluster - to make it easier for organizations to automate manual tasks, standardize deployment at scale, and simplify day-to-day administration of systems. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 also offers improved scalability of Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) and Link Time Optimization (LTO) to help organizations identify, analyze and optimize the performance of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems with complete confidence.



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