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kernel update [RHEL 9.2 5.14.0-284.18.1.el9_2]



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    • Lustre 2.16.0
    • Lustre 2.16.0, Lustre 2.15.4
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      Security Fix(es):

      • kernel: use-after-free vulnerability in the perf_group_detach function of the Linux Kernel Performance Events (CVE-2023-2235)
      • kernel: netfilter: use-after-free in nf_tables when processing batch requests can lead to privilege escalation (CVE-2023-32233)
      • Kernel: bluetooth: Unauthorized management command execution (CVE-2023-2002)
      • kernel: OOB access in the Linux kernel's XFS subsystem (CVE-2023-2124)
      • kernel: i2c: out-of-bounds write in xgene_slimpro_i2c_xfer() (CVE-2023-2194)
      • kernel: tls: race condition in do_tls_getsockopt may lead to use-after-free or NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2023-28466)

      Bug Fix(es):

      • Intel QAT Update - (kernel changes) (BZ#2176846)
      • RPL-P IOTG/RPL-S IOTG: cpu frequency issues (BZ#2178857)
      • In FIPS mode, kernel does not transition into error state when RCT or APT health tests fail (BZ#2181727)
      • Kernel BUG in iwlmvm wifi driver when used Mesh systems (BZ#2186723)
      • Azure RHEL 9 Backport upstream commit 93827a0a36396f2fd6368a54a020f420c8916e9b [KVM: VMX: Fix crash due to uninitialized current_vmcs] (BZ#2186822)
      • RHEL 9 blktests nvme/047 lead kernel NULL pointer (BZ#2187536)
      • Single Node Openshift cluster becomes unreachable after running less than 2 hours (BZ#2187709)
      • kernel[-rt]: task deadline_test:1778 blocked for more than 622 seconds (BZ#2188655)
      • fix page end in filemap_get_read_batch (BZ#2189349)
      • RHEL 9.2 hwpoison: data loss when memory error occurs on hugetlb pagecache (BZ#2192348)
      • wdat_wdt watchdog timeout triggered unexpectedly (BZ#2192585)
      • ice: high CPU usage with GNSS or ptp4l (BZ#2203154)
      • RHEL 9 "smpboot: Scheduler frequency invariance went wobbly, disabling!" on nohz_full CPUs after long run (BZ#2203178)
      • Dying percpu kworkers cause issues on isolated CPUs [rhel-9] (BZ#2203229)
      • FJ9.2 Bug: [REG] NFS infinite loop of COMMIT call and NFS4ERR_DELAY reply. (BZ#2203335)
      • perf errors - "event syntax error: 'unc_p_delayed_c_state_abort_core5'" b'_ value too big for format, maximum is 255' (BZ#2207471)
      • RHEL 9: Invalid character detected by rpminspect in Documentation/translations/zh_CN/process/magic-number.rst (BZ#2208242)
      • cifs: backport small patches to bring us close to 9.1 - backport commit aea02fc40a7f cifs: fix wrong unlock before return from cifs_tree_connect (BZ#2209045)
      • RHEL 9 x86_64, kdump 2nd kernel will randomly panic on "kvm-08-guest25.hv2" (BZ#2210614)



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