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many stripe testing of DNE2



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      Many stripe count test

      The many stripe count functional test is intended to show that a DNE2 configuration can handle many MDTs in a single filesystem, and a single directory can be striped over many MDTs. Due to the virtual AWS environment in which this is being tested, while performance will be measured, neither performance scaling nor load testing are primary goals of this test. It is rather a functional scaling test of the ability of the filesystem configuration and directory striping code to handle a large number of MDTs.

      1. Create a filesystem with 128 MDTs, 128 OSTs and at least 128 client mount points (multiple mounts per client)
      2. Create striped directories with stripe count N in 16, 32, 64, 96, 128:
                lfs setdirstripe -c N /mnt/lustre/testN

        Note: This command creates a striped directory across N MDTs.

                lfs setdirstripe -D -c N /mnt/lustre/testN

        Note: This command sets the default stripe count to N. All directories created within this directory will have this default stripe count applied.

      3. Run mdtest on all client mount points, and each thread will create/stat/unlink at least 128k files in the striped test directory. Run this test under a striped directory with default stripes, so all of subdirectories will be striped directory.
                lfs setdirstripe -c N /mnt/lustre/testN
                lfs setdirstripe -D -c N /mnt/lustre/testN
      4. No errors will be observed, and balanced striping of files across MDTs will be observed.


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