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permanently remove deactivated OSTs from configuration log



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      When an OST is permanently removed from the filesystem, the current process is to store a conf_param that marks the OSC permanently inactive in the configuration log, but it doesn't remove the actual OSC records from the config llog. That is needed for clients already mounting the filesystem so that they don't wait for the OST to be recovered, since only new records added to the end of config llog are processed by already-mounted clients.

      However, for clients newly mounting the filesystem it may be desirable, if the OST is permanently deleted, to remove the OST record from the configuration log completely so that new client mounts don't even try to connect to it. This can be done relatively easily by cancelling the llog record(s) for the removed OST(s) so that the client doesn't process them at all.

      The other area that may need fixing is lfs df, since it currently iterates over OST and MDT indices sequentially until it gets a -ENODEV return code that indicates no more OST/MDT devices are available. This will result in temporarily inactive OSTs to be printed, since the admin should know when there are offline OSTs, but it should not result in unconfigured OSTs being printed. It looks like -EAGAIN being returned from IOC_OBD_STATFS will result in the OST/MDT being silently skipped as we would want in this case. This needs to be verified.

      It looks like lov_iocontrol() is returning -EAGAIN correctly, but lmv_iocontrol() is incorrectly returning -ENODATA for tgt == NULL instead of -EAGAIN, and not handling the OBD_STATFS_NODELAY flag in uarg at all.


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