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Calls to ‘error’ should have an error message


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      In the Lustre test suites, we call the error() routine when we want a test to stop execution and mark the tests as ‘FAIL’. If the call to error is called with a string, error message, that string is printed as the reason for the failure to give the user an indication of why the test failed.

      When a test suite call fails and error is called without a message, the reason for the test failure is listed as

      'error() without useful message, please fix' 

      There are many cases where we call error() with no error message. This needs to be corrected.

      The following tests have one or more call s to error() with no error message:
      sanity tests 24e, f, g, h, I, j, k, l, m, p, u, 25a, b, 26a, b, 27a, d, n, r, 28, 30*, 31a, b, c, d, e, 32*, 34*, 35*, …
      sanityn tests 1*, 2*, 5, 11, 13, 26a, 28, 51d

      Here are few examples of the test suites and tests that need an error message:

       857 test_24e() {
       863         $CHECKSTAT -a $DIR/R5a/f || error
       864         $CHECKSTAT -t file $DIR/R5b/g || error
       868 test_24f() {
       873         $CHECKSTAT -a $DIR/R6a/f || error
       874         $CHECKSTAT -t file $DIR/R6b/g || error
       964 test_24p() {
       969         $CHECKSTAT -a $DIR/R12a || error
       970         $CHECKSTAT -t dir $DIR/R12b || error


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