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sanity test 300g fails with 'create dir2 fails'


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Lustre 2.10.1, Lustre 2.11.0
    • Fix Version/s: Lustre 2.11.0
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      sanity test_300g fails with the following lines from the test_log output

      == sanity test 300g: check default striped directory for normal directory ============================ 17:47:37 (1504806457)
      CMD: onyx-40vm7 /usr/sbin/lctl get_param -n version 2>/dev/null ||
      				/usr/sbin/lctl lustre_build_version 2>/dev/null ||
      				/usr/sbin/lctl --version 2>/dev/null | cut -d' ' -f2
      error on LL_IOC_LMV_SETSTRIPE '/mnt/lustre/d300g.sanity/striped_dir/dir2' (3): No such device
      /usr/bin/lfs setdirstripe: cannot create stripe dir '/mnt/lustre/d300g.sanity/striped_dir/dir2': No such device
       sanity test_300g: @@@@@@ FAIL: create dir2 fails 

      The problem is in the test at

      15297         $LFS setdirstripe -i2 $DIR/$tdir/striped_dir/dir2 ||
      15298                 error "create dir2 fails"
      15299         stripe_index=$($LFS getdirstripe -i $DIR/$tdir/striped_dir/dir2)
      15300         [ $stripe_index -eq 2 ] ||
      15301                 error "dir2 expect 2 got $stripe_index"

      The test checks that there are at least two MDTs (we need to stop using MDSCOUNT as MDTCOUNT, but that’s for a different ticket) and then creates two directories with ‘lfs setdirstripe –iN …’, with N = 1 and 2, striping directories at MDT index 1 and MDT index 2.

      The problem here is that, with only two MDTs, creating a directory that starts with MDT index 1 works as expected, but creating a directory that starts at index 2 fails because MDT indexes are zero based and we only have two MDTs with indexes 0 and 1.

      This test has passed review-dne-part-* testing because typical DNE testing creates two MDSs with two MDTs each and a MDT starting index of 2 is valid.

      There are at least two ways to fix this issue; make sure you have three or more MDTs for this test or just create directories that have starting index 0 and 1.

      Logs for sanity test 300g failures are at

      I will create a patch for this issue.




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