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Section 25.5 - mds-survey - typo and suggestions for improvement



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      25.5 - There are several metrics (test operations) that can be collected by mds-survey. In the default execution five (5) are reported: create, lookup, setattr, getattr and destroy - in that order. This "default" info should be added to the first section, along with:
      a) list of minimum operations to run (create and destroy),
      b) an example of running with the minimum operations
      c) an example of running with another supported, but non-default execution (like create, getattr, destroy)

      25.5.1 - In the "Note" about not cleaning up files when execution is manually stopped using CNTL-C, please add a section about mounting the target as type ldiskfs, and recursively deleting the "tests*" directories under /mdt/ROOT/ if subsequent executions fail to run.

      25.5.2 - The output is truncated. Am not sure what to suggest, as the default produces 5 different metrics (long output for each line). Perhaps run with the minimum operations and let it wrap?

      25.5.2 - Results for the create operations shows "5652.05", but table describing that metric reads "565.05". Both seem very low, but if nothing else they should match.

      Question - The argument "tests_str" seems an odd name for this argument. Can this be deprecated in a future release in favor of something like "test_ops"?

      BTW, first time I recall reading this material. Very nice, and very helpful!




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