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bash completion (for now: lctl set/get_param)


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      Fairly far from lustre itself... Being used to tabbing into /proc/fs/lustre, with many files moving to various subdirectories of /sys the lctl set/get_param commands are really hard to use for me without completion.

      I wrote bash completion for the *_param commands only to start with, will push to gerrit what I have right away.


      • is there interest in general? If not, close this and will spare my time as well
      • can we land some partial completion (e.g. right now the first level of tab works with --list-commands, but beyond that you're on your own except for params commands), or do we want something complete-ish from the start?
      • if we start with lctl, what about lfs, lnetctl, etc etc etc...
      • if we start with bash, what about zsh, fish, etc...
      • should probably install to /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/<something>, but I'm a bit lost as to where to add this bit.

      I personally don't care much - definitely won't help with other shell completions but I'd be happy to (slowly) add up other commands and update once in a while; the most critical for me really is set/get_param completion and I've set that up in our configuration management system so this is mostly freebies / possibly call for help to finish.


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