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Multiple MDS deadlocks (in lod_qos_prep_create) after OSS crash



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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Lustre 2.12.7, Lustre 2.15.0
    • Lustre 2.12.3
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    • lustre-2.12.3_4_g142b4d4-1.el7.x86_64, kernel-3.10.0-957.27.2.el7_lustre.pl2.x86_64
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      After hitting a first issue on an OSS last night reported in LU-13072, several of our MDS started to exhibit blocked threads and locking issues today. A total of 3 out of our 4 MDS required to be rebooted. Only tonight things seem to have stabilized for us. Some research on this Jira has easily revealed that this is not a new problem:

      LU-9688 Stuck MDT in lod_qos_prep_create
      LU-10697 MDT locking issues after failing over OSTs from hung OSS
      LU-11091 MDS threads stuck in lod_qos_prep_create after OSS crash
      LU-12360 Can't restart filesystem (2.12) even with abort_recov

      So it looks like it's not fixed in 2.12.3, and as mentioned by NASA in LU-11091, the MDS deadlock can happen hours after the OSS crash, and this is exactly what happened to us today on Fir.

      Note that LU-12360 is a bit different (and we don't see this specific problem anymore) but Patrick discussed about some possible issue that might still be related to our remaining problem here.

      In our case, shortly after the reboot of the OSS fir-io8-s1 this morning, a first MDS fir-md1-s4 was stuck. Later around noon, a second MDS fir-md1-s2 had the same issue. Finally this evening, MDT0000 on fir-md1-s1 was impacted too, leading to most of the filesystem unaccessible.

      The typical errors/backtraces we get on MDS in that case are:

      [190125.381344] LustreError: 22258:0:(ldlm_request.c:129:ldlm_expired_completion_wait()) ### lock timed out (enqueued at 1576181573, 300s ago); not entering recovery in server code, just going back to sleep ns: mdt-fir-MDT0001_UUID lock: ffff9e5d81e0e780/0x91615908336938c8 lrc: 3/0,1 mode: --/CW res: [0x240038caa:0x288e:0x0].0x0 bits 0x2/0x0 rrc: 39 type: IBT flags: 0x40210400000020 nid: local remote: 0x0 expref: -99 pid: 22258 timeout: 0 lvb_type: 0
      [190125.381346] LustreError: 92260:0:(ldlm_request.c:129:ldlm_expired_completion_wait()) ...
      [190568.849438] LNet: Service thread pid 22622 was inactive for 601.55s. The thread might be hung, or it might only be slow and will resume later. Dumping the stack trace for debugging purposes:
      [190568.866461] Pid: 22622, comm: mdt03_009 3.10.0-957.27.2.el7_lustre.pl2.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 7 15:26:16 PST 2019
      [190568.876717] Call Trace:
      [190568.879275]  [<ffffffff9dd88c47>] call_rwsem_down_write_failed+0x17/0x30
      [190568.886100]  [<ffffffffc15ce537>] lod_qos_statfs_update+0x97/0x2b0 [lod]
      [190568.892946]  [<ffffffffc15d06da>] lod_qos_prep_create+0x16a/0x1890 [lod]
      [190568.899768]  [<ffffffffc15d2015>] lod_prepare_create+0x215/0x2e0 [lod]
      [190568.906432]  [<ffffffffc15c1e1e>] lod_declare_striped_create+0x1ee/0x980 [lod]
      [190568.913774]  [<ffffffffc15c66f4>] lod_declare_create+0x204/0x590 [lod]
      [190568.920435]  [<ffffffffc163cca2>] mdd_declare_create_object_internal+0xe2/0x2f0 [mdd]
      [190568.928419]  [<ffffffffc162c6dc>] mdd_declare_create+0x4c/0xcb0 [mdd]
      [190568.934997]  [<ffffffffc1630067>] mdd_create+0x847/0x14e0 [mdd]
      [190568.941041]  [<ffffffffc14cd5ff>] mdt_reint_open+0x224f/0x3240 [mdt]
      [190568.947539]  [<ffffffffc14c0693>] mdt_reint_rec+0x83/0x210 [mdt]
      [190568.953669]  [<ffffffffc149d1b3>] mdt_reint_internal+0x6e3/0xaf0 [mdt]
      [190568.960331]  [<ffffffffc14a9a92>] mdt_intent_open+0x82/0x3a0 [mdt]
      [190568.966642]  [<ffffffffc14a7bb5>] mdt_intent_policy+0x435/0xd80 [mdt]
      [190568.973204]  [<ffffffffc0f54d46>] ldlm_lock_enqueue+0x356/0xa20 [ptlrpc]
      [190568.980077]  [<ffffffffc0f7d336>] ldlm_handle_enqueue0+0xa56/0x15f0 [ptlrpc]
      [190568.987271]  [<ffffffffc1005a12>] tgt_enqueue+0x62/0x210 [ptlrpc]
      [190568.993547]  [<ffffffffc100a36a>] tgt_request_handle+0xaea/0x1580 [ptlrpc]
      [190569.000581]  [<ffffffffc0fb124b>] ptlrpc_server_handle_request+0x24b/0xab0 [ptlrpc]
      [190569.008382]  [<ffffffffc0fb4bac>] ptlrpc_main+0xb2c/0x1460 [ptlrpc]
      [190569.014810]  [<ffffffff9dac2e81>] kthread+0xd1/0xe0
      [190569.019812]  [<ffffffff9e177c24>] ret_from_fork_nospec_begin+0xe/0x21
      [190569.026374]  [<ffffffffffffffff>] 0xffffffffffffffff

      Sometimes, some threads seem to be completing after a long time:

      [191025.465281] LNet: Service thread pid 41905 completed after 687.75s. This indicates the system was overloaded (too many service threads, or there were not enough hardware resources).

      The load of the server increases tremendously but it's doing almost nothing. Only very rarely the MDS can recover by itself. And if it does, there is a big chance in my experience that a few hours after, it hangs again.

      Our current workaround is to stop/start the impacted MDT, and it's usually fast, because now in 2.12.3 the recovery works better and doesn't hang anymore at the end. And then the load drops and things are working normally again.

      I'm opening this ticket with our logs in that case, in the hope we can find the root cause of this recurrent MDS issue after OSS problem.

      First MDT stuck MDT0003 on MDS fir-md1-s4 at 2019-12-12-08:20:42:

      • vmcore uploaded to the FTP as vmcore_fir-md1-s4_2019-12-12-08-20-42
            KERNEL: /usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/3.10.0-957.27.2.el7_lustre.pl2.x86_64/vmlinux
          DUMPFILE: vmcore_fir-md1-s4_2019-12-12-08-20-42  [PARTIAL DUMP]
              CPUS: 48
              DATE: Thu Dec 12 08:20:33 2019
            UPTIME: 2 days, 01:36:01
      LOAD AVERAGE: 112.81, 86.62, 53.87
             TASKS: 1658
          NODENAME: fir-md1-s4
           RELEASE: 3.10.0-957.27.2.el7_lustre.pl2.x86_64
           VERSION: #1 SMP Thu Nov 7 15:26:16 PST 2019
           MACHINE: x86_64  (1996 Mhz)
            MEMORY: 255.6 GB
             PANIC: "SysRq : Trigger a crash"
               PID: 92886
           COMMAND: "bash"
              TASK: ffff9521056fe180  [THREAD_INFO: ffff952212ae0000]
               CPU: 18

      Second MDT stuck MDT0001 on fir-md1-s2 at 2019-12-12-12:36:21:

      • vmcore uploaded to the FTP as vmcore_fir-md1-s2-2019-12-12-12-36-21
            KERNEL: /usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/3.10.0-957.27.2.el7_lustre.pl2.x86_64/vmlinux
          DUMPFILE: vmcore_fir-md1-s2-2019-12-12-12-36-21  [PARTIAL DUMP]
              CPUS: 48
              DATE: Thu Dec 12 12:36:12 2019
            UPTIME: 2 days, 05:06:59
      LOAD AVERAGE: 59.50, 57.71, 52.86
             TASKS: 1267
          NODENAME: fir-md1-s2
           RELEASE: 3.10.0-957.27.2.el7_lustre.pl2.x86_64
           VERSION: #1 SMP Thu Nov 7 15:26:16 PST 2019
           MACHINE: x86_64  (1996 Mhz)
            MEMORY: 255.6 GB
             PANIC: "SysRq : Trigger a crash"
               PID: 97428
           COMMAND: "bash"
              TASK: ffff9e7da2444100  [THREAD_INFO: ffff9e779e61c000]
               CPU: 17

      Third MDT stuck MDT0000 on fir-md1-s1:

      • in that case, we just did a umount/mount of MDT0000 at Dec 12 17:29:39 and it did work. Attaching kernel logs as fir-md1-s1_2019-12-12_kernel.log
      • since the last MDT restart, this is OK

      OSS logs

      • console log for fir-io8-s1, the OSS that originally crashed (from last boot, so you may have to scroll a bit) as fir-io8-s1_console.log (problem reported in LU-13072)


      • MDS fir-md1-s1:
      • MDS fir-md1-s2:
      • MDS fir-md1-s3:
      • MDS fir-md1-s4:
      • OSS fir-io8-s1:

      Let me know if you need anything else.


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