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Update ZFS version to 2.0.0



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      Major New Features

      • Sequential resilver - The sequential resilver feature can rebuild a failed mirror vdev in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional healing resilver. Full redundancy is restored as quickly as possible and then the pool is automatically scrubbed to verify all of the data checksums. #10349
      • Persistent L2ARC - This feature makes the L2ARC cache device persistent across reboots thereby eliminating the usual cache warmup time normally needed after importing your pool. #9582
      • ZStandard compression - ZStandard is a modern, high performance, general compression algorithm which provides similar or better compression levels to GZIP, but with much better performance. ZStandard provides a large selection of compression levels to allow a storage administrator to select the preferred performance/compression trade-off. #10278
      • Redacted zfs send/receive - Redacted streams allow users to send subsets of their data to a target system. This allows users to save space by not replicating unimportant data within a given dataset or to selectively exclude sensitive information. #7958

      Notable Changes

      • Added fallocate(mode-0/2) compatibility to preallocate space. #10408
      • Reorganized the zfs and zpool man pages by splitting out each subcommand in to its own page. #9559 #9564
      • Enabled the systemd zfs-mount-generator by default on Linux. #7329 #8848
      • Provided pam module for automatically loading zfs encryption keys for home datasets. #9903
      • Support for inheriting and setting user properties in channel programs. #9738 #9950
      • Optionally colorized zpool status output. #9340


      • Faster zfs send / zfs receive performance for small record sizes. #10067 #10099
      • Improved write performance for heavily fragmented pools. #8442
      • Optimized AES-GCM encryption performance. #9749 #10029


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