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kernel update [RHEL8.3 4.18.0-240.8.1.el8_3]



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      Security Fix(es):

      • kernel: information exposure in drivers/char/random.c and kernel/time/timer.c (CVE-2020-16166)

      Bug Fix(es):

      • Backport upstream OVS performance patch fix (BZ#1879935)
      • Sleeping or scheduling after sched_cpu_dying() led to "scheduling while atomic" and BUG at kernel/cpu.c:907! (BZ#1880080)
      • [conntrack] udp packet reverse NAT occasionally fail when race condition request combination with the DNAT load balancing rules (BZ#1882094)
      • Unexpected fragmentation needed error, OpenShift 4, OVS, VXLAN, GSO, Azure (BZ#1885766)
      • Unable to attach VLAN-based logical networks to a bond (BZ#1886017)
      • NFS server with krb5p fails in FIPS mode: context_derive_keys_new: Error 22 deriving initiator_seal key (BZ#1886189)
      • XFS: reflinked file data corruption (BZ#1886895)
      • [HPE 8.3 Bug] Kdump bootup failure caused by an amd iommu commit for Rhel8.3 BetaOS on DL325Gen10 (BZ#1888113)
      • dm: fix bio splitting and its bio completion order for regular IO (BZ#1890233)
      • geneve: add transport ports in route lookup for geneve (BZ#1891818)
      • HRTICK not armed in specific cases with SCHED_DEADLINE (BZ#1894073)
      • PM/swap Speed up hibernation by batching requests (BZ#1894629)
      • RHEL8.1 - ibmveth is producing TX errors over VXLAN when large send (TSO) is enabled (-> related to Red Hat bug 1816254 - OCP 4.3 - Authentication clusteroperator is in unknown state on POWER 9 servers") (BZ#1896299)
      • RHEL8.2 - mm/gup: fix gup_fast with dynamic page table folding (BZ#1896351)
      • [Azure][RHEL-8]TX/RX packets stop increasing after hibernation/resume in VM with CX4 VF NIC (BZ#1896433)
      • [Azure][RHEL-8]VM hangs after hibernation/resume if the VM has SRIOV NIC and has been deallocated (BZ#1896434)
      • [Azure] hv_irq_unmask() failed: 0x5 after resume from hibernation in NV6 size (BZ#1896435)
      • block layer: update to upstream v5.8 (BZ#1896787)
      • [Regression] RHEL8.2 zstream - Undetected Data corruption in MPI workloads that use VSX for reductions on POWER9 DD2.1 systems (BZ#1897278)
      • Incorrect system time reported through the CPU Accounting statistics (BZ#1897716)
      • debug kernel reports BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/slab.h:496 in aws t4g instances (BZ#1898758)
      • ARO: excessive pod memory allocation causes node lockup (BZ#1901547)



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