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Many symbol warnings at rpm installation time


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    • Fix Version/s: Lustre 2.4.0
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      After the change from LU-2391 to move the lustre-osd.*.ko modules into their own packages, we left a problem behind.

      The rpm package dependencies now look a bit like this:

       lustre -> lustre-modules <-> lustre-osd-[ldiskfs|zfs] (via lustre-osd)

      Note that the dependency between lustre-modules and lustre-osd-* goes both ways.

      We did that in the one direction because we need something to depend on the generic "Provides: lustre-osd" when we have server support compiled in, so users will be clued in to the fact that they need to select at least one of the lustre-osd-* packages.

      In the other direction, the lustre-osd-* packages need to depend on lustre-modules because the kernel modules contained in the lustre-osd-* rpms really do use symbols from modules in the lustre-modules rpm.

      RPM allows this circular dependency, but because of it the modules are not
      necessarily installed in the order that we prefer. Namely:

      1) lustre
      2) lustre-modules
      3) lustre-osd-*

      It can happen that the lustre-osd-* packages are installed before the lustre-modules package, and then the sysadmin will see a screen full of scary messages about missing symbols.

      To fix that problem, we move the dependency on lustre-osd up one package into the "lustre" package. That makes the dependency graph look a bit like:

          lustre -> lustre-modules
              |--> lustre-osd-[ldiskfs|zfs] (via lustre-osd)
          lustre-osd-[ldiskfs|zfs] -> lustre-modules

      I believe that by breaking the dependency loop, we will get the desired
      package installation order described above.

      I'll submit a patch shortly.




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