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New static analysis issues in v2_9_55_0-35-gaa32cc5


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Lustre 2.10.0
    • Fix Version/s: Lustre 2.10.0
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      Found 4 new static analysis issues in v2_9_55_0-35-gaa32cc5:

      1. Buffer Overflow - Non-null Terminated String
        • lustre/utils/liblustreapi_layout.c: in llapi_layout_expected, Buffer overflow of 'donor_path' due to non null terminated string 'donor_path'
      2. Use of Freed Memory by Pointer
        • lustre/utils/liblustreapi_layout.c: in llapi_layout_comp_del, Object 'comp' was dereferenced at line 1770 after being freed by calling '__llapi_comp_free' at line 1769
      3. Result of function that may return NULL will be dereferenced
        • lustre/lov/lov_pack.c: in lov_unpackmd, Pointer 'lsm_op_find(magic)' returned from call to function 'lsm_op_find' at line 334 may be NULL and will be dereferenced at line 334.
      4. Uninitialized Variable - possible
        • lustre/utils/liblustreapi.c: in find_check_comp_options, 'ret' might be used uninitialized in this function. Also there are 2 similar errors on lines 3243, 3264.

      The list of commits since the previous build v2_9_55_0-13-g1d40214:

      aa32cc5 LU-8998 pfl: PFL feature implementation
      514b7da LU-9300 test: need copytool setup for sanity-hsm 1b
      7da1d93 LU-9165 pfl: MDS handling of write intent IT_LAYOUT RPC
      7107e54 LU-9008 pfl: dynamic layout modification with write/truncate
      03b86ce LU-8998 pfl: test cases for lfsck on PFL
      d1df591 LU-8998 docs: add llapi_ man pages to Makefile.am
      c6e9f4f LU-8998 docs: add lfs-setripe manpage to dist
      e2cdf46 LU-8998 pfl: layout LFSCK handles PFL file
      db5661e LU-8998 pfl: enhance PFID EA for PFL
      e61be5b LU-8998 docs: man pages for composite layout APIs
      cebc79b LU-8054 lfsck: enhance lfsck notify API
      12a130c LU-8050 osp: not use obdo::o_lcookie for non-onwire RPC data
      b6dfd13 LU-8998 utils: enlarge default inode size
      41bfc1e LU-8998 tests: test scripts for PFL
      f50cc4e LU-8998 docs: man pages for tools of PFL
      5a76aee LU-8998 lfs: user space tools for PFL
      c4702b7 LU-8998 lustreapi: composite llapi_layout
      fafe6b4 LU-8998 clio: getstripe support comp layout
      e584b8f LU-8998 clio: Client side implementation for PFL
      f3f6515 LU-8998 lov: add composite layout unpacking
      8969392 LU-8998 lod: accomodate to composite layout
      427ced3 LU-8998 pfl: Basic data structures for composite layout


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