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Allow setting default layout on root directory at mkfs time



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    • Lustre 2.12.0, Lustre 2.13.0
    • Lustre 2.16.0
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      It is useful to enable newer features like PFL, DoM, and FLR at format time, so that users unfamiliar with Lustre can have a default filesystem configuration that is most useful. In particular, enabling PFL for new filesystems is desirable for new releases, and if the MDT is configured with a large amount of space per inode (using e.g. "--mkfsoptions='-i 65536'" for ldiskfs, or always for ZFS) then a DoM component could be added.

      Some options for implementing this exist:

      • after formatting the MDT, when it is mounted as type ldiskfs use "lfs setstripe" to generate an xattr and write it to the ROOT/ directory using setxattr() instead of ioctl(). Allowing mkfs.lustre to accept an arbitrary layout would be most flexible.
      • have "pre-built" xattrs that are written to the ROOT/ directory at format time (either inside the kernel or from mkfs.lustre. This would likely handle most of the cases, and for expert users that know they want a different default, they can set it after mount.

      I don't think that mounting the MDT as type lustre, and then mounting a local client and using "lfs setstripe" is practical.


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