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      Some ldiskfs patch need cleanup. From comments in and

      • ext4-extents-mount-option.patch: We format the OST with the EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_EXTENTS, and avoid it for the MDT. At most we would need to have a dummy mount option that accepts the "-o extents" option from Lustre (to avoid LU-5425), and returns an error at mount time if INCOMPAT_EXTENTS is not already set. It would be possible to delete the whole patch by removing the "extents" option from the mount options in osd_mount()
      • ext4-misc.patch: It would be possible to remove the stub "mballoc", "iopen", "noiopen", "iopen_nopriv" mount option handling by removing those strings from the mount options in osd_mount()
      • ext4-fiemap.patch: this patch can be removed entirely, even from older RHEL6 kernels. ext4_fiemap() is accessible via ext4_file_inode_operations, so we could just call inode->i_op->fiemap(), and move the rest of the code into osd-ldiskfs/osd-fiemap.c
      • ext4-nocmtime.patch: this could be simplified by changing only ext4_current_time(inode) to return inode->i_ctime if NOCMTIME is set on the inode
      • ext4-pdirops.patch: it would be nice to split this into two separate patches. One for implementing 3-level htree and EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_LARGEDIR, and the other for pdirops. The 3-level htree LARGEDIR feature might be accepted upstream, while pdirops/htree_lock is harder since it has no VFS interface
      • ext4-pdirops.patch: remove i_append_sem and use i_data_sem or xattr_sem (if possible, not sure if there would be deadlocks in some code path)
      • ext4-max-dir-size.patch: add deprecation warning for max_dir_size /sysfs entry if used


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