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New static analysis issues in v2_9_57_0-66-gb6d5b5b


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: Lustre 2.10.0
    • Fix Version/s: Lustre 2.10.0
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      Found 1 new static analysis issues in v2_9_57_0-66-gb6d5b5b:

      1. Result of function that may return NULL will be dereferenced
        • lustre/utils/liblustreapi_layout.c: in llapi_layout_file_comp_del, Pointer 'comp' returned from call to function '__llapi_layout_cur_comp' at line 1963 may be NULL and will be dereferenced at line 1964.

      The list of commits since the previous build v2_9_57_0-45-gcdc7b3b:

      b6d5b5b LU-9415 lfsck: quiet noisy console message
      2ef0f3a LU-9477 tests: check correct handling of dead object
      2dd720a LU-9464 hsm: use OBD_ALLOC_LARGE() for hsm_scan_data array
      a003d8d LU-9119 lnet: Fix deleting peers from YAML
      a6d463f LU-9315 pfl: static analysis issues
      49f4bd0 LU-9241 llite: ASSERTION( de->d_op == &ll_d_ops ) failed
      e96c70e LU-9202 lfsck: skip unavailable targets when sync failures
      5d32447 LU-9183 llite: remove struct file on stack in ll_setxattr()
      fa3598d LU-9183 ptlrpc: handle changes in struct group_info
      1852513 LU-8730 test: Remove duplicate $dev from conf-sanity test_83
      434eeba LU-8589 osd: remove "object" from method function names
      c60e949 LU-8359 ldlm: Wrong evict during failover
      3800d05 LU-9305 osd-zfs: arc_buf could be non-pagesize aligned
      f240769 LU-8670 tests: test_115 Fixes & Improvements
      b27652c LU-6952 mount: Mount options parsing problem
      b76a5b1 LU-9425 lnd: Turn on 2 sges by default
      5611dbe LU-7584 tests: clean up sanity test_129
      da47e9c LU-9362 lfs: getstripe print last init-ed component info
      e79e711 LU-8998 tests: improve sanity.sh::check_seq_oid()
      7a1c0f9 LU-8998 tools: support negative flags
      64b2fad LU-7473 acl: increase ACL entries limitation


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